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$ 15.00

10 minutes

This service at a salon involves a relaxing and revitalizing hair wash to cleanse the scalp and hair, providing a refreshing experience.

The Washing Head service, often known as a hair wash or shampoo service, is a fundamental yet indulgent offering in many salons and barbershops. It entails thoroughly cleansing the hair and scalp using a combination of water, shampoo, and conditioner. This service not only removes dirt, excess oils, and product buildup from the hair but also provides a soothing and invigorating experience for the client. Clients typically recline in a salon chair while a skilled stylist or hairdresser gently massages the scalp and lathers the hair to create a relaxing and refreshing sensation. After rinsing and conditioning, the client’s hair is usually towel-dried, leaving it clean, soft, and ready for styling. 

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